Weekly outline

  • General

    Strategic Partnerships
    Key Action 2
    Sector: Adult Education

    PROJECT NUMBER 2017-1-RO01-KA204-037448
    Parenting Education and Awareness of Community to Enable Social Inclusion of Teens Exposed to the risk of becoming parents PEACE SITE
    01.09.2017- 31.08.2019 24 months


    D1 Asociația de Educație Prenatală din România  AEPRO        


    D2 Universita per Stranieri di Perugia UNISTRAPG
    D3 Elliniki Etairia Progennitikis Agogis
    D4 Latvijas Perinatalas Attistibas Biedriba LPAB
    D5 Kipriaki  Etairia Progennitikis Agogis KEPA
    D7 Education Prenatale - Information EPI     

    Project activities

    A. For transnational meetings

    First transnational meeting - November 2017, in Romania
    Second partners’ transnational meeting - May 2018 Greece
    Third partners’ transnational - October 2018 Italy
    The fourth and final transnational meeting - July 2019 Latvia

    B. Six Intelectual Outputs

    O1 Comparative study coordinator Latvia LPAB
    O2 Course Training Curriculum and Accreditation UNISTRAPG
    O3 Course training materials Greece
    O4 Webiste and elearning platform AEPRO
    O5 Counselling tool for Parent-child communication using Doodle Whiteboard app AEPRO
    O6 mobile phone application AEPRO

    C. Learning /training activities:

    C1 1st Joint Staff Training-Testing Course 1" – 3 days May 2018 Greece
    C2 Blended Mobililty for Adult Learning April 2019 Romania

    D. Multiplier Events

    E1 Dissemination workshop in Romania 01.05-01.06.2019
    E2 Dissemination workshop in Italia 01.05-01.06.2019
    E3 Dissemination workshop in Greece 01.05-01.06.2019
    E4 Dissemination workshop in Latvia 01.05-01.06.2019
    E5 Dissemination workshop in Cyprus 01.05-01.06.2019
    E6 Dissemination workshop in Belgium 01.05-01.06.2019