Rezumat temă

  • General

    The Second transational meeting PEACE SITE Project took place in Athens, Greece, during 26-27 May 2018.

    During this meeting was assessed the progress of the project activities: accomplishment of IO1 Comparative Study coordinated by Latvian Partner, the realisation stages of Intellectual Outputs 2 Training curriculum accreditation coordinated by UNISTRAPG Italy and Intellectual Outputs 3 coordinated by Prenatal Education Association from Greece.

    The partners exchanged opinions about the Monitoring and evaluation plan for PEACE SITE project activities –there were presentation and discussions and adjustment of the plan there were also identified challenges and risks for project development and implementation.

    There were discussed the Reporting Procedure for Technical and Financial aspects of PEACE SITE Project using a specific tool (Excel), useful for simulation and monitoring of budget reporting for each partner. It was held a presentation about reporting instructions for Interim Report and Mobility Tool+  

    Deadlines were set for submitting partners documents to the coordinator (interim report, timesheets, budget executions, declarations etc.)