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What are cookies
A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to a computer's memory (or other equipment used to browse online - mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when the user accesses a particular website. The website transmits information to the browser and it creates a text file. Each time the user accesses that web site again, the browser accesses and transmits this file to the website's server. In other words, the cookie can be seen as an Internet User ID card that announces the website every time the user returns to that site.
Cookies are sent between a sender (usually a web site or a web application) and a recipient (your device). A cookie is created and interpreted by the sender, while the recipient just keeps it and sends it back if the sender asks for it.
Cookies can be:

  • "persistent" - remaining on the hard disk
  • "session" - which is deleted at the end of the web session

How OMAEDU uses cookies
When using and accessing the OMAEDU platform, we place one or more cookies in your browser.
For registered users on the platform, we use a mandatory session cookie (MoodleSession) to run the site and an optional, permanent (MOODLEID) site.
For non-authenticating users (visitor / guest), we use the EU_COOKIE_LAW_CONSENT cookie.
For statistics, we use the Google Analytics service with cookies (_ga, _gat, _gid)

Cookie Scope Lifetime Parameters
MoodleSession You must allow this cookie in your browser to ensure continuity and keep your login data from one page to the next.

Session cookie.
When you disconnect or close your browser, this cookie is destroyed (from browser and server).

Reminds the username in the browser. This means that when you return to this site, the user login field will already be filled in for you (if the browser does not already offer this feature). Persistent cookie.
Two months. You can delete it at any time.
EU_COOKIE_LAW_CONSENT Only for guests who have accepted OMAEDU policies. Persistent cookie.
One month. You can delete it at any time.
Host Only
_ga Google Analytics cookies to create statistics for platform users.
Persistent cookie.
Two years. You can delete it at any time.
_gat Persistent cookie.
Two minutes. You can delete it at any time.
_gid Persistent cookie.
Two days. You can delete it at any time.


What are your options about cookies ?
If you want to delete these cookies or instruct your browser to delete or refuse cookies, visit your browser's help page.
Note that if you delete the MoodleSession cookie or refuse to accept, you can not use some or all of the features we offer, you can not sign in, and some of our pages will not be displayed.